Take action

A plan like the Roadmap can only work if everyone takes action. Inhabitants, organisations, businesses and authorities. 

That is why we have listed actions here that you can take as an inhabitant of Leuven or as a Leuven-based organisation. If the actions are in this list, you can be sure they contribute to achieving our Roadmap and have a positive impact on life in our city. Moreover, we make it as easy as possible for you by linking every action to an initiative or partner that helps you on your way. If we suggest a Leuven 2030 partner, we are always transparent about it and you can read why we think it's a good idea.

Below we listed all current and past actions, as well as the partners involved. Taking action directly on our website is also possible, but is currently only supported on the Dutch version.

Leuven was recently selected for the European Mission. This means we are currently, and in the coming months, pulling out all the stops in order to compile a Climate City Contract that will detail dozens of projects, commitments and initiatives based on the Roadmap, to further accelerate our goal of climate neutrality for Leuven. We'll keep you posted!

Actions for inhabitants

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Actions for organisations

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You can, of course, take more steps. We also regularly set up partnerships around those actions. Be the first to know by reading our newsletter.

Past actions

Greening with Aveve
Car Sharing with cambio