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Every day the Leuven 2030 team works towards making Leuven a city with fewer emissions and a better future.

Katrien Rycken


Michèle Jacobs

Deputy director, process manager Roadmap

Marie Mauer

Project lead FEAST for Living Lab Leuven

Ewoud Monbaliu

Process manager Roadmap

Sven Rosius

Communications manager

Sarah Hennin

Communications manager

Sien Aerts

Communications manager

Luca Lia

Fundraising manager

Gert Henckens

Office manager

Jan Aerts

Programme manager

Programme managers

To plot and execute our Roadmap, we are working with dozens of partners. Together we aim to transform the programs from the Roadmap into concrete action and impact in the city, with innovative projects and initiatives. After all, implementing our ambitious Roadmap requires a lot of shoulders. Therefore, the section 'Program managers' is currently being reorganized. More later!


Finally, there is the Board. The Board helps us to further outline the strategy of the non-profit association and provides levers to enable us to move forward more quickly. The Board is elected every four years by our members and, as of November 2021, consists of 18 representatives chosen from those members. That's three for each membership category - citizens, civil society organisations, businesses, knowledge institutions, authorities and semi-public authorities.

Anne Van Oudenhove

President / KBC

Hans Lebon

Vice president / imec

Rogier Vanherpe

Vice president (until 10/03/2024) / city of Leuven

Dirk Masquillier

Vice president (from 11/03/2024) / Riso Vlaams-Brabant

Veerle Van Schoelant

Representative citizens

Tanja De Block

Representative citizens

Bruno Delepierre

Representative citizens (until 19/12/2022)

Simon Sterck

Representative citizens (from 19/12/2022)

Karin Nelissen

Buurtwerk 't Lampeke

Bart Vercoutere

Vrienden van Heverleebos en Meerdaalwoud

Johan Van Reeth

BUUR Part of Sweco

Ward Callens


Stefaan Saeys

KU Leuven

Peter Van Brusselt

UZ Leuven

Mohamed Ridouani

city of Leuven

David Dessers

city of Leuven

Joost Swinnen

De Lijn

Farida Tierens


Raf Rosseels