All across Leuven, we're joining forces
For a climate neutral city

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86 breakthrough projects, 10 guiding principles signed by 25 partners and a financial plan. These serve a single goal: a climate neutral city of Leuven by 2030. Want to know more? Request your digital copy of the Leuven Climate City Contract.


Europe selects Leuven as pioneering climate city

Leuven is one of the 100 cities chosen by the European Commission for the mission '100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030'. With this mission, Europe supports the selected cities with expertise and (financial) resources in their journey towards climate neutrality by 2030.

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Less emissions, more future

Why a climate neutral Leuven is essential

Climate neutral? That means choosing the best possible future for everyone. With more green, less flooding, more traffic safety, less noise, healthier air, more future-proof jobs and more social justice.

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How we join forces

using the Roadmap towards 2050 as our guide

To achieve the Leuven of the future, we need a plan. We drew up a plan with the help of Leuven-based experts: the Roadmap towards a climate neutral Leuven. We are now accelerating the realisation of this plan through breakthrough projects and inciting organisations, companies, governments and inhabitants to action. Those commitments will be compiled into the first Leuven Climate City Contract.

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In close co-operation with Leuven-based partners we are constantly looking for new solutions. Solutions that make the plan towards a climate neutral Leuven smarter and smarter. Solutions that allow us to take big steps towards our goal.

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by bringing people together

We bring everyone in our city together - residents, organisations, companies and governments - to be a part of a committed network that turns our Roadmap into a success.

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