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"As a city we cannot make Leuven climate neutral on our own. We need the whole city community for this, from institutions and organisations to entrepreneurs and particularly: inhabitants. That was my underlying thought when I launched Leuven 2030. In the meantime, Leuven 2030 has grown into an established name that brings the entire community together to make Leuven ready for the future."

Mohamed Ridouani, burgemeester stad Leuven
Leuven 2030 member

"Like Leuven 2030, we believe we are all part of the solution. Just as Leuven 2030 is building the city of tomorrow, we at Arvesta are building the agriculture of tomorrow. We became members to ensure the organisation can remain ambitious and fully assume its pioneering role."

Stephanie Deleul, Arvesta
Leuven 2030 member

"The climate crisis is a challenge, but also offers many opportunities. Leuven 2030 proves that local change is possible if we really work together. As a youngster, I like to help build our future in this way."

Simon Sterck
Leuven 2030 member

"Leuven 2030 plays a crucial role in bringing all stakeholders in our city together around our climate challenges. Being a member of Leuven 2030 should be an obvious choice for any organisation that takes our shared problems seriously."

Robin Ibens, Founder Shaved Monkey
Leuven 2030 member

"I am a member of Leuven 2030 because I don't want to wait until it's too late, and I am proud to be part of an ambitious city community that wants to lead the way."

Jan Hautekiet
Leuven 2030 member

"For imec, the Leuven 2030 Roadmap was a source of inspiration and a trigger to make our own plans more ambitious. Because the challenges are so complex, it's important to exchange ideas with the city, citizens, companies and other organisations. To try and learn together. This is the only way to achieve results in the short term and why we're members of Leuven 2030."

Hans Lebon, imec
Leuven 2030 member