The Breakthrough projects

The solutions and opportunities we can all call on to accelerate Leuven's climate neutrality are constantly evolving. That means our Roadmap is evolving too. In breakthrough projects we look for new solutions together with partners and test the potential of these solutions in Leuven. This allows us to take major steps and accelerate the implementation of the Roadmap.

Leuven 2030 provides expertise in terms of process structure, financing and communication. We also support Leuven-based breakthroughprojects launched by partners.

Leuven was recently selected for the European Mission. This means we are currently, and in the coming months, pulling out all the stops in order to compile a Climate City Contract that will detail dozens of projects, commitments and initiatives based on the Roadmap, to further accelerate our goal of climate neutrality for Leuven. As we progress, new breakthrough projects will appear. We'll keep you posted!

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Past breakthrough projects