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The Leuven Climate City Contract did not appear out of thin air. For over 20 years, we have been working towards a climate neutral city. The selection of Leuven for the EU mission '100 Climate Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030', allows us to accelerate towards that future and set the bar at 2030. The Leuven Climate City Contract joins forces between the city administration, Leuven 2030 and more than 30 key actors, in order to achieve that mission. Never before have we linked so many perspectives. Never before have we brought together barriers, concrete commitment and the financial flank behind this single goal.

Get your digital copy of the first Leuven Climate City Contract

The digital Leuven Climate City Contract - publication is scheduled for spring 2024 - brings together the stories behind a selection of remarkable and tangible breakthrough projects and commitments.

Would you also like to receive the full technical report (998 pages) we submitted to Europe? Do you see opportunities for collaboration, a partnership or investing in a climate neutral Leuven? Then contact us at

The Leuven Climate City Contract contains 86 breakthrough projects that reduce our CO2 emissions and address the barriers that stand in the way of swift emission reductions.

The solutions outlined in the breakthrough projects, when scaled up to their full potential, lay the groundwork for reducing 80% of Leuven CO2 emissions by 2030. For each breakthrough project, Leuven partners have made concrete commitments towards their execution. Moreover, 25 key actors have formally committed to 10 'guiding principles' which serve as a touchstone to make CO2 reduction central to their future initiatives, projects and policies.

The financial section within the Leuven Climate City Contract provides insight into the investment needs we have identified and the financial logics and levers needed to finance these breakthrough projects and the Leuven transition.

The full technical report was submitted to Europe in November 2025. In spring 2024, you may expect the digital Leuven Climate City Contract in your mailbox, highlighting the stories behind a selection of breakthroughs and commitments.

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